College and Career Readiness: Why Current Standards Require Better Assessment

Few district interim assessments assess current college and career readiness (CCR) standards, elicit evidence of students’ understanding, use authentic texts, and require students to solve real-world problems at a high level of rigor. Finding an interim assessment that addresses the multi-dimensional intentions of the CCR standards is a challenge.

Watch our on-demand webinar and hear from experts from Measured Progress as they discuss this challenge and show how better content in an interim assessment provides actionable data to support college and career readiness. In this webinar, learn about eMPower Assessments™, a cohesive solution that enables districts to:

  • implement a consistent program for grades 3–8, with a direct connection to the College Board’s SAT® Suite of Assessments.
  • gain early insight into students’ performance on their statewide accountability measure.
  • receive reliable data they can use to make meaningful inferences about student achievement and to track academic progress toward college and career.

Watch the webinar