Using Common District Assessments as Formative Feedback

Watch Mike Rubino, Boston Public School’s (BPS) formative assessment manager, and Deborah Farrington, director of assessment services for Measured Progress, as they share Boston’s story of using common district assessments as formative feedback.

BPS needed a way to monitor student learning consistently across 125 schools that use different curricula. Through a collaboration with the Measured Progress Assessment Services team, a new set of rigorous common assessments were developed to inform instruction, promote instructional equity, and create meaningful learning experiences for teachers and students.

During this 50-minute on-demand webinar you will:

    • Learn a few strategies for successfully rolling out a district-wide formative assessment program to support teaching and learning.
    • See how customized tests were designed to align with BPS’s different curricula. and how individual items can elicit evidence of students’ understanding.
    • Hear what worked to encourage discussions about how to use ELA and Math assessment data as formative feedback.

    Watch the webinar