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In keeping with our mission as a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving teaching and learning, Measured Progress assessment experts conduct research and publish their findings on related topics. We also make available our final reports from research grants that include information about specific research inquiries and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funding foundation. Many of our projects result in the publication of guidelines for applying research findings to instruction and assessment.

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computer test, computer adaptive testing, computer testing How can state assessments better test deeper learning?
By Stuart R. Kahl, Ph.D. (2017)

There would be a lot less frustration with state tests if educators and the general public recognized what a state’s summative test can and cannot do well. With the recognition that the state test cannot be all things for all stakeholders, it can make its contribution to a district’s balanced assessment system more efficiently. And the district can then rely on other components of the system to do what they do best. To meet appropriate expectations of different assessment types and to assess the deeper learning outlined in college and career readiness standards, I present three models for statewide assessments.

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