Measured Progress Employee Featured in NGSS Article

As an NSTA curator and a science content expert, Measured Progress employee Janet Dykstra was prominently featured in an August 3 article on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS*) from online education industry site Education Dive. The article, “New science standards urge shift from ‘learning about’ to ‘figuring out’,” profiled the three-dimensional approach to teaching and learning that is embodied in the new standards. 17 states and the District of Columbia have adopted NGSS so far.

Dykstra represented the complex challenges that teachers face in assessing the three dimensions of the NGSS. “When you think about assessment, these are much more complex questions that are really going to help us get an idea of how well the students are growing in their mastery of that kind of three-dimensional learning,” Dykstra said. She is currently developing STEM Gauge® formative assessment resources for teachers to use to gather evidence of three-dimensional learning.

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