Measured Progress Adds Content to Formative Content Bank

The latest release of the Measured Progress Formative Content Bank adds roughly ten percent more items across all grade levels and in both content areas, math and reading. This release also includes pre-configured quizzes (Testlets). Because Testlets are now included, the name has been adjusted accordingly, from Formative Item Bank to Formative Content Bank. The release also provides updated access to nearly 1,000 additional items previously available only in the Benchmarks tests. The additional items can be used in a classroom setting or to create common district-wide assessments. With this update, the bank now includes more than 10,000 items to support ongoing district needs for high-quality formative assessment.

“The Measured Progress Assessments suite has always included more than individual items,” says Justine Hargreaves, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Measured Progress. “The name Formative Content Bank more accurately reflects the breadth of assessment content a teacher or district assessment official can access.”

The Measured Progress Formative Content Bank is a set of premium formative assessment items and preconfigured quizzes that help teachers gather classroom evidence of student learning. Built to support college and career readiness standards, the bank spans grades 1–12 in reading and math and allows teachers to assess at various levels of cognitive complexity.

Districts can use the Formative Content Bank to support national and state-specific standards. State alignments are currently available for Florida and Louisiana standards, with alignments for additional states coming soon.

“We refresh the bank on a regular basis,” explains Joanna Krouskup, Operations Manager for Measured Progress products. “This time, in addition to the standard work to update reading passages and to revise, add, or remove items, we also created a new webpage exclusively for customers to provide easier access to updated content.”

For districts that subscribe to the Formative Content Bank through a technology platform partner, the entire suite of items and Testlets is being replaced in that system.

Contact Measured Progress to add the Formative Content Bank to your district’s assessment platform.