Outstanding Accuracy

What’s interesting about scanning? Stacks of papers feed through machines, fast. Data comes out. Isn’t scanning an old story?

Not at Measured Progress, where we have people who are actually passionate about scanning. To meet our clients’ continuing needs for paper-and-pencil testing, we continue to

  • Invest in the best equipment available
  • Create and refine processes to deliver the utmost efficiency and accuracy

Equipment and Software

 We use the newest models of Kodak image scanners and an internally developed document scanning system, ScanQuest™, to perform Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), barcode, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR scanning.)

One of the challenges of scanning student answer documents is that they contain multiple types of data, for different purposes.

  • Students’ written work for open-response items need to be available as high quality graphic images that scorers can read clearly in our image-scoring system.
  • Multiple-choice answer grids need to be processed with sophisticated OMR scanning software that performs multiple analyses, such as distinguishing an incomplete erasure from an intended answer choice.
Two Images Are Better than One

To address this difference, we pioneered a scanning method to go a step further than most. Instead of creating a single image that isn’t optimal for either type of scan, we create two different images:

  • one optimized for our iScore open-response image-scoring system
  • one optimized for OMR images (“bubbles”)

The result is the most accurate data capture possible.

What does this mean for you?

  • Our dual-stream processing eliminates much of the data cleanup and correction required by conventional scanning. Measured Progress pioneered the two-image approach to provide clients the most accurate data without the time and expense of extensive data cleanup.
  • Other methods use fragmented individual clips—multiple-choice grids or written student responses—so there’s no cohesive individual student record. When a client needs to investigate a student’s entire test, it might take hours or days to locate it in secure storage. But because we scan each student’s entire answer document, we can quickly retrieve complete digital records of every student’s work.

Accuracy and Quality Control

After the two scanning processes take place, we remerge the data for each student into a single data record that feeds your program’s reports. The process includes checks and balances at every step so that we can construct a full history of each student’s complete record if needed.

Scanning staff members work closely with scoring staff and IT programmers to capture and transfer clear, legible images of student handwriting, for both demographic information and answers to open-response items. Each separate image is the best of its kind, resulting in the highest quality of data capture and data reported back to the client.

We frequently assist other businesses with their scanning needs. Contact us for further information.