Encouraging the Exchange of Ideas

Our Visiting Scholars Program invites psychometricians from around the world to share research ideas and participate in Measured Progress psychometrics research initiatives.

Scholars present their research and meet with staff members to discuss their research interests in more detail. Participants receive a modest stipend and Measured Progress covers travel expenses.

Our visiting scholars:

Learn about Measured Progress and our Psychometrics team

Measured Progress has been a leader in student assessment for more than 30 years. Our Psychometrics team is especially active in conducting research in support of our measurement services. Highlights of our research initiatives include: equating, cognitive diagnosis, dimensionality analysis, differential item functioning, test assembly, and standard setting. Scholars enjoy a unique opportunity to learn more about our research.

Present their research to our psychometric staff

Our program involves short-term visits, typically lasting one or two days. Presentation formats can vary widely and depend on the preference of the visiting scholar. For example, the interaction could range from a series of informal meetings with psychometricians, to a formal presentation to a wide audience.

Establish collaborative relationships with Measured Progress psychometricians

Our psychometrics team members are heavily invested in research and regularly publish research papers in expert journals and present at national and international conferences. The Visiting Scholars Program is one way we foster rich intellectual discourse and partnerships. Visiting scholars have the opportunity to collaborate with our staff members on future research projects.

Visitors will join us at our spacious campus in Dover, New Hampshire, close to Boston and to beautiful coastal and mountain landscapes. To learn more about our Visiting Scholars Program, please contact us.

Previous Visiting Scholars

Remo Ostini (January 2009): Things I’ve Tried to Measure

Mark Reckase (September 2008): The Design of Statistical Specifications for a Test

Seonghoon Kim (July 2008): IRT Fixed Parameter Calibration and Other Approaches to Maintaining Item Parameters on a Common Ability Scale

Bill Stout and Louis DiBello (February 2008): Exploring Skills Diagnostic Opportunities at Measured Progress

Joanna Gorin (June 2007): The Role of Cognition in Educational Assessment Design

Rebecca Zwick (August 2007): Instructional Tools in Educational Measurement and Statistics (ITEMS) for School Personnel