Assuring the Integrity of Your Data

Psychometricians are measurement experts who perform the scoring, scaling, equating, and comparability analyses states need to assure the reliability and validity of their accountability assessments. Such analyses assure actionable data and accurate reports—from the state level down to the individual student. At Measured Progress, our psychometricians also design and analyze score and demographics data for standard setting, test item analysis, and other special studies.

Our technical reports enable the replication of analyses in subsequent years—critical to establishing comparability across testing years and showing student growth. Clients can depend on our record of accuracy, security, and the integrity and defensibility of measurement practices when they choose us to support their testing programs.

Beyond the Science

We provide outstanding technical quality, but our approach goes deeper.

  • Psychometric consultants—We’ve automated all routine psychometric tasks so that we can focus on true, value-added consulting.
  • Team approach—We support every client with a team of specialized experts. Each member of the team knows you, your testing programs, and your state’s unique needs.
  • Creative problem-solving—We figure out how to apply time-proven psychometric techniques to non-standard situations or assessments, such as modeling performance tasks or other situations where traditional psychometric methods and principles may be difficult to apply.
  • Understanding education policy—We grasp the complex technical issues and can help you deepen your understanding of the implications of policy on your programs.
  • Prominence in the field—Our team of psychometricians conducts a variety of research and frequently presents at national conferences.
  • Peer review—Our Measured Progress Technical Advisory Committee advises on all contract designs.

Professional Resources

Explore our research and see the operational psychometric tools we make available.


Psychometric Tools

Our Psychometrics team seeks collaboration and enrichment through the Visiting Scholars program, bringing measurement professionals to exchange ideas with us at our headquarters in Dover, NH. We welcome emerging scholars to the field with our Internship program, which provides support and guidance for research projects and offers an introduction to operational psychometrics work.