Exceptional Client Service

The “Measured Progress Difference” is best illustrated in our commitment to our clients. Your program management team ensures that every aspect of a large-scale assessment program is managed effectively and tailored to your needs.

Communication is Key

Our program management staff members:

  • Frequently communicate the status of all program activities
  • Develop customized communication plans
  • Insist on maintaining transparency
  • Provide access to senior management

Relationships with Clients

  • Program managers and staff know you and your program—and they’re the people you work with consistently.
  • Our belief in true collaboration and teamwork shows in our clients’ feedback: we’re consistently praised for partnership and collaborative problem solving.
  • We believe it’s your assessment program, not ours. We’ll work as hard as if it were ours, but the final decisions and positive outcomes are yours.

Vendor Partnerships

For some contracts, we manage programs supported by multiple vendors. We choose vendor relationships based on compatible values—including client service—and complementary strengths. We’ve build successful partnerships with many vendors such as ETS, e-Metric, and Breakthrough Technologies. And other assessment vendors often seek us out for our strengths in item development, scoring, reporting, and psychometrics. Whether as lead or participating vendor, we maintain the same focus on your needs.

Meeting Challenges

When the Oklahoma legislature repealed the state’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards, the State Department of Education reverted back to the state standards. Oklahoma was left without a test for the imminent school year, including its fall and winter administrations. Very quickly, Measured Progress imported the previous vendor’s items into an online testing platform and built test forms for all the scheduled assessments. The first round of new online tests was available for administration only six weeks from the delivery date of the previous vendor’s item bank.

Program Management Activities