Logistics Expertise

Many clients still need the utmost efficiency, accuracy, and security for paper and pencil test administrations. That’s why we’re continuing our commitment to provide outstanding services for paper-based testing. Whether paper tests are an accommodation to online testing or a significant part of a state’s program, states can be confident that their students’ test materials will be accurately and quickly processed—both inbound and outbound. Measured Progress operates its materials-processing operation at our Dover, NH campus. Every year, we refine our processes to improve the dependable, accurate, and timely services you need.

Capacity and Scalability

  • We ship and receive more than 200,000 packages per year.
  • We scan more than 30 million sheets per year.


  • Security is our top priority when handling test booklets and answer documents. Clients can rely on our outstanding record of logistics security.
  • We partner with UPS for tracking technology and their proven service—and have a dedicated team responding to our needs.


Every client has unique challenges. Your needs, not our convenience, inform the test logistics for your state, districts, and schools.


We pioneered a scanning process that provides the highest level of data accuracy with the least amount of data cleanup intervention. Read about our highly effective scanning operations.