Platforms Provide Options, Flexibility

Responding to Changing Technology

We’ve all become used to constant changes in technology. Online testing is a reality, and that technology changes fast, too. In almost every state, Department of Education and district staff face challenges with:
online testing

  • Availability and functionality of computers
  • Network architecture
  • Internet access and bandwidth
  • The “digital divide”—the lack of access and lack of computer familiarity—in parts of the student population
  • Implementation and training for new systems and item types

For more than 15 years, we’ve helped states use the enhanced measurement capabilities that technology offers. We understand that because technology changes rapidly, states require flexible approaches.

The wide range of programs and technology environments demands a wide span of solutions. To boost our technology capabilities and better serve states’ needs, we partner with education technology leaders that focus on systems architecture and user experiences designed specifically for assessment.

By combining our proprietary online testing components with proven software solutions, our clients receive the benefit of complementary dedicated, expert assessment and technology partners.

Our Partners

Breakthrough Technologies—our alternate assessment partner, initially in 14 National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) states. Measured Progress stepped in to take over for another contractor, and quickly established the collaborative, open communications needed to facilitate decisions among all the partners and successfully implement the TAO online technology platform. Measured Progress and Breakthrough are continuing the partnership with the Multi-State Alternate Assessment, in which 8 states transitioned from and will build on the NCSC project.

eMetric—our partner in Maine, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, where educators noted that the iTester assessment platform was easy to learn and to use, and found the training and support to be responsive and effective.

Pearson—our partner in the “next-generation MCAS” program, awarded to Measured Progress in summer 2016. Pearson is providing its TestNav™ web-based test delivery system, featuring interface and navigation tools that are familiar to today’s students. TestNav has delivered millions of online tests safely and successfully in numerous states.