“Made to Measure”

Our item development is based on evidence-centered design, which means we define the outcomes and evidence that will lead to the most valid measurement. We begin by working with you to ensure that we understand

  • What you want the test scores to represent
  • Your intended uses of test results; such as measuring growth over time or providing end-of-year accountability data

These criteria underpin all development steps. Throughout the item development and item selection processes, our content specialists work closely with educators in your state to make sure they thoroughly understand your state’s assessment history, expectations, and requirements. Our years of experience in both traditional and innovative item development and test design mean that we can present the approach that’s right for you and your students.

See the guidelines we helped create for TEIs.

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Each year, our item development experts create  up to 25,000 custom selected-response, constructed-response, and technology-enhanced items (TEIs), as well as performance tasks for both general and alternate assessments—in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Content Quality and Innovation

Well over half of our item development content specialists hold advanced degrees in their subject areas, and all of them have classroom teaching experience. That means we are not just qualified, but sensitive to the challenges of instruction and the impact of assessment on teachers and students. We take the time to understand the standards, get to know your program’s needs, and apply our expertise to get items right the first time. As a result, more than 90% of the items and tasks we develop are accepted during first-round client or committee review.

Our item development experts can help your state create innovative item types such as performance tasks—for both instruction and assessment—and TEIs. And our rigorous item development process, which requires expert reviews both internally and externally, applies across the board to all item types and projects.

Certified WebbAlign Partner

Certified WebbAlign Partner

We’re proud to be the only large-scale assessment organization that is a certified partner of WebbAlign®, an enterprise founded by Dr. Norman Webb. Dr. Webb created the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) method of classifying the cognitive complexity of test items and curriculum activities, which has become the industry standard for classifying levels of difficulty or cognitive demand.

Our certification as a WebbAlign DOK Partner means that our entire item development team has been extensively trained by WebbAlign to apply Webb’s DOK classifications. In addition, WebbAlign conducted reviews of classification sets to assure that Measured Progress content experts apply the DOK levels accurately and consistently. As a DOK partner, we will participate in ongoing annual reviews by WebbAlign to assure that we continue to maintain the organization’s high standards and consistency.

Item rigor is an important element in assuring that assessments deliver what they promise. Our rigorous item development process, and our certification as a WebbAlign DOK partner, gives you assurance that our items truly address and measure the intended constructs, at the levels of rigor you need to assess college and career readiness. By making an ongoing commitment to continuous training and review as a DOK partner, we make a commitment to our clients and customers, as well—you can trust the quality and levels of rigor of our assessment content.

Beyond the Specifications

We carry our commitment to partnership across all activities. One of the ways our clients grow to trust us and collaborate with us is through our content development process. A lead developer from our staff is responsible for each grade and content area. That person is the one you work with consistently at committee meetings and throughout the item development process. Rather than “handing off” items to the next function in the process, the lead developer oversees all aspects of development—all the way through to verifying the correct appearance of the items on tests.

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We can provide expertise or consultation on specific content development projects through Enterprise Assessment Services. For more information, contact us.