Understanding the Importance of your Data

There’s nothing more essential to the success of your assessment program than accurate data underpinning meaningful reports, with data visualization that your stakeholders can easily interpret. Our Data and Reporting Services team works behind the scenes, but the work of these data processing specialists, data analysts, and report designers has major impact.
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Quality Control by Experts

We combine efficient automation with meticulous human quality control to assure your data are “clean” for processing student results. A hallmark of our process is the elimination of the “middle man” in verifying your data. Assessment specialists, not generalist database technicians, perform all data cleanup and quality control steps. They understand the goals of your program and how the data are used, assuring that they apply appropriate judgment when scrutinizing your data.

Customized Reports

Creating reports that achieve your goals—and help educators use the information—takes more than displaying the data. Just as we begin content development by asking what evidence you’re looking for, we begin report design by asking you key questions: What questions are most important to answer? What do stakeholders need to help them use the reports? Based on your needs and preferences, our team will present multiple data visualization and reporting options. You’ll get the features and presentation you need.

Interactive Reports

Using our online reporting tools, authorized users can sort and filter information for flexible results analyses and data visualization. You can choose the particular features you need for your program, to easily generate item analysis reports, performance level summaries, and longitudinal data reports.