Partnering with eMetric in Oklahoma

In fall of 2014, the Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) was looking for a contractor to quickly assume responsibility for its online and paper-and-pencil administration of the winter End-of-Instruction (EOI) retests. Because Measured Progress was already working with the SDE to deliver its grades 3–8 English language arts and mathematics assessments, the Department asked us to step in and help.

Help Wanted: Contractor Needed to Deliver Tests in Six Weeks

Homepage-box1When Measured Progress began working on the EOI tests, it had only six weeks to deliver:

  • 7 EOI online Retests
  • 14 Winter/Trimester EOI tests – administered both online and in paper-pencil format
  • 7 practice tests
  • 9 manuals and guides
  • 8 Oklahoma Modified Alternate Assessment Program (OMAAP) tests (paper only)
  • Text-to-speech, large-print, and Braille forms for all tests

Focused Teamwork with the Measured Progress/eMetric Solution

Measured Progress responded by teaming with eMetric to deliver 21 EOI tests, plus additional materials and forms, for the winter administration. That administration was followed by two more testing windows that school year, with an additional 88 tests delivered. The key to success? Hardworking teams, flexibility, and extensive and open communications.

Success: Winter EOI Tests Delivered

The SDE, Measured Progress, and the eMetric team was ready when the EOI test window opened. Almost 50,000 tests were completed in the first winter test session. All told, Oklahoma students completed close to 600,000 online tests in 2014–15. The Measured Progress/eMetric online assessment platform provided an instant report of each student’s performance level. Schools received additional reports after 48 hours and again two weeks after testing. Teachers had access to useful data quickly, while the extensive final reports were being prepared.

About eMetric

eMetric was founded in 2000 with a vision to support state assessment with a web-based tool that would provide educators the ability to view assessment data interactively, while maintaining the integrity of student data. After substantial research and design, eMetric created the iTester platform. This online platform has been used to deliver and report on a wide array of statewide assessments including summative, end-of-instruction (EOI), formative, alternate, and English language learner (ELL) assessments.

The online delivery platform has been recently revamped to operate on multiple devices, all supporting many technology-enhanced and technology-enabled item types. eMetric has a solid track record of serving large-scale assessment programs for their assessment delivery and reporting.