A Strong Foundation of Research and Expertise

“How can we build an interim assessment program that meets educators’ needs?” We posed this question as we began to plan for new assessments aligned to rigorous college and career readiness standards. Educators tell us that they need

  • meaningful, data-driven results to improve student learning
  • indications of growth toward grade-level proficiency
  • clear and strong alignment to state standards

To address those needs, our experts carefully researched solutions and best practices before designing eMPower Assessments™.

Below you’ll find a variety of resources that explain the research and rationales behind eMPower Assessments.

Research Basis for eMPower Standards

The college and career readiness (CCR) content standards at the heart of eMPower Assessments™ target knowledge, skills, and abilities in reading, vocabulary, writing, language, and mathematics that students need to make progress in school toward readiness for college and career.

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Addtional Resources

Want to explore further?

These additional documents are available on request.

Achievement Level Descriptors
eMPower achievement level descriptors summarize the knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of students at each achievement level for every grade and content area assessed.

Alignment Tables
For each content area, see the alignment of items in eMPower Assessments to college and career readiness standards and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels.

Standard-Setting Research Brief
Read a summary of the process and the content-based recommendations for cut scores for the eMPower achievement levels for each grade and content area.