Supporting the need for change and continuous improvement

The Challenge

The Assistant Superintendent at the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood, CA wanted to improve the district’s mathematics assessments. He believed that an expert review of the existing assessments by a third party would provide a quality review of the assessments and confirm the need for change. That’s why he turned to Measured Progress for help.

 The Solution

The district contracted with the Measured Progress Assessment Services Team to conduct an assessment review of their high school Algebra 1 assessment that had been in the district for a few years.

Mathematics content experts evaluated the district’s Algebra I assessment and provided in-depth feedback about the quality and accuracy of the assessment. Measured Progress provided the results of the review through:

  • A criteria-based summary report, with suggestions for improvement;
  • Detailed annotations of the rigor and alignment of the test questions and quality of the test design; and
  • A live webinar presentation to share the findings in detail with the high school team.

The Results

The assessment review and report provided the validation the superintendent needed for change. Using the information from Measured Progress, Liberty Union increased staff awareness about what to look for in quality assessments and gained buy-in to change their current assessments.

Knowing that I had a resource like Measured Progress to fall back on helped me teach my staff the complexity of assessment design. As a result, they are now eager to move forward with better assessments.

— Erik Faulkner, Assistant Superintendent, Education Services, Liberty Union

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