Advancing District Goals Through Quality Assessments

Work with our assessment experts to:

  • Audit your existing assessment program or system
  • Create affordable, customized district-wide assessments based on your objectives and curricula scope and sequence
  • Build NGSS*-aligned district-wide common science assessments

Assessment Services can help your district:

  • Review your current assessments

    Assessment Review Service: Improve effectiveness of locally created tests

    Improve the effectiveness and quality of your assessments. You’ll have more confidence in the data and evidence gathered, knowing that tests are constructed effectively and provide accurate, informative results. Our assessment specialists will:

    • Review your locally-created tests and items.
    • Provide feedback about the quality of test design and content.
    • Present a summary of our findings based on quality indicators such as sequencing, key-runs, and accuracy.
    interim assessments, classroom assessments

    Learn the key elements to look for when evaluating the quality of your assessment items.

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  • Build customized assessments

    Test Construction Service: deliver more meaningful results

    Customized assessments built to your district’s unique curriculum scope and sequence can deliver meaningful results, without the customized price tag. What’s more, they’re developed to elicit the evidence required to demonstrate understanding of targeted standards. You get effective, efficient tests that measure what a student has actually been taught throughout the year.

    A collaborative process

    The Measured Progress team works with you, to meet your unique needs. You participate in the development process every step of the way. When you work with Assessment Services, you can focus on using the data gathered from assessments—rather than on building the assessments themselves. Think of us as an extension of your assessment team, with 3 easy steps.

    Here are the high-level steps for the test creation process:

    interim assessments, classroom assessments

    Gain insight into the collaborative process of building customized assessments.

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    1. Design

    First, you’ll tell us about your goals and desired outcomes, which will help inform specifications for test blueprints and forms. You can choose from a wide variety of item types:

    • Performance tasks
    • Technology-Enhanced Items (TEIs) with multiple interaction types
    • Traditional item types such as selected-response, short-answer, constructed-response, and extended-response
    • PARCC® and Smarter Balanced® item types such as evidence-based selected-response, multi-select, and prose-constructed-response

    2. Build

    Next, Measured Progress experts will build assessments based on your specifications, using items from the Measured Progress Formative Content Bank. This phase includes activities such as selecting items and passages, sequencing items, and assuring the balance of standards represented.

    3. Deliver

    Finally, you’ll receive your assessments in one of 3 ways:

    • As QTI packages to ingest into your existing assessment platform
    • Download into one of our partner platforms
    • As PDF files that can you can download from a secure site and print
    interim assessments, classroom assessments

    Read how Boston Public Schools measure learning across multiple curricula aligned to their state standards.

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Content and standards covered

Assessment Services provide expertise in English Language Arts, reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Standards supported include:

  • College and career readiness standards
  • State-specific standards
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Let us help you reach your district’s assessment goals.


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