Support for Strong Instruction

eMPower Classroom brings together open education resources from proven publishers such as NASA, National Geographic, Khan Academy, PBS, Measured Progress, and more. You can use these resources to provide the next level of instructional support, based on eMPower score reporting categories. With eMPower Classroom, you can use your students’ data from eMPower Assessments to enrich their learning throughout the year.

eMPower Classroom also gives you exclusive access to a selection of high-quality assessment items from Measured Progress, built to today’s college and career readiness standards for ELA and mathematics.

What does eMPower Classroom provide?

  • Resources

    Find videos, games, interactive activities, assessments, lessons plans, homework, audio resources, and eBooks to use as homework or in class. Teachers can assign specific resources to enhance student learning, and students can use eMPower Classroom to take responsibility for their own learning.

  • Assessment Items

    Use more than 6,000 high-quality formative assessment items from Measured Progress to create smaller, targeted assessments and gather evidence of student learning. They:

    • Consist of premium selected-response, evidence-based selected-response, and multiple-choice items
    • Include answer key information and distractor rationales
    • Help further pinpoint student misconceptions at the individual standard level
  • Teacher Tools

    See individual student and class progress toward demonstrating their understanding through the “class progress” and “practice” areas. Teachers can use eMPower Classroom tools to review and monitor learning, create their own assessment questions, and integrate assignments with widely-used tools such as Google Classroom.

With eMPower Classroom, you can:

  • Search and assign videos, interactive lessons, and games related to specific standards
  • Create custom quizzes or unit tests
  • Write assessment items
  • Monitor students’ use of the resources
  • Assign specific resources to support a personalized learning approach

eMPower Classroom helps you accelerate better learning, based on strong measurement.