Formative Assessment Resources to Support Instruction

eMPower Classroom supports instruction, as a part of the eMPower Assessments™ suite. eMPower Classroom consists of formative assessment resources similar to the Measured Progress Formative Content Bank that are tied directly to eMPower score reporting categories. With eMPower Classroom, teachers can use the interim assessment data from eMPower Assessment results to find ready-made materials and resources. eMPower Classroom helps promote learning and evidence-gathering of that learning throughout the year.

What does eMPower Classroom provide?

  • Testlets

    Testlets provide a snapshot of student progress, to dive deeper into eMPower results for proficiency level subscores. They:

    • Consist of short, premade, auto-scorable quizzes built to a set of standards
    • Include distractor rationales that help identify common student misconceptions and help teachers make instructional decisions
  • Item Sets

    Item sets are specific assessment items to help further pinpoint student misconceptions at the individual standard level. They:

    • Have a variety of item types that require written responses involving analysis, reasoning, synthesis, and justification
    • Include performance tasks that provide a richer demonstration of what students know and can do
    • Supply answer key information and rubrics to support local scoring
  • Writing Tasks

    Writing tasks give students the opportunity to write longer, essay-length responses. They:

    • Are direct writing tasks that elicit extended responses to demonstrate students’ understanding of reading passages
    • Demonstrate students’ understanding via written expression and analysis of language and conventions
    • Include scoring rubrics and sample responses to support accurate, consistent local scoring

Teachers use eMPower Classroom to:

  • Engage students in the formative feedback process
  • Investigate and diagnose students’ difficulties and misconceptions
  • Gather evidence of student understanding
  • Plan classroom responses for specific instructional areas
  • Set growth expectations together with students
  • Create personalized learning targets and monitor progress
  • Differentiate instruction for additional teaching and learning

eMPower Classroom helps you build on student learning, based on strong data.