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Strong measurement. Better learning.

eMPower Assessments™ by Measured Progress provide the only assessment solution for grades 3–8 that gives a direct predictive connection to the SAT® Suite of Assessments. Together, eMPower and the SAT Suite of Assessments represent a comprehensive approach to assessment that yields valid and reliable data to show growth over time.

eMPower Assessments are interim assessments that give you an accurate indicator of student progress toward meeting state standards, up to three times a year. They help you identify patterns and pathways to college and career readiness and success.

eMPower Assessments provide:

  • A coherent program, anchored to the SAT Suite of Assessments
  • Immediate reporting that shows student growth
  • Evidence-based, reliable, and valid tests built to standards
  • Data on students’ progress toward meeting end-of-year grade-level expectations

Content areas assessed:

  • Reading
  • Language Usage
  • Mathematics

eMPower Reporting Scales

  • Support for instruction

    Each interim test session fits within a class period—an average of 50 minutes or less—to give you more control of your assessment schedule and to maintain respect for instructional time. The teacher-friendly score reports deliver data quickly, so teachers can:

    • Plan individual instruction
    • Create classroom groups
    • Differentiate instruction
  • Accurate reporting and analytics

    eMPower reporting shows students’ progress toward meeting grade-level expectations—as well as their strengths and needs. With immediate results and dynamic filtering options across a range of reports, eMPower gives educators both holistic and detailed views of student understanding.

    Score reports for parents, teachers, building, and district-level leaders include:

    • Individual student reports
    • Classroom reports
    • School/district summary reports
    • Growth reports

    Lexile-QuantileLogo-sm eMPower Assessments report scale scores at the domain level and proficiency levels at the subscore level to show progress toward meeting grade-level standards. eMPower reports also include Lexile and Quantile levels, to link assessment performance with student skill level and, in turn, with appropriate instructional goals and resources.

    See sample score reports available for eMPower Assessments.

    Learn more about content standards, claims, and proficiency levels in the eMPower Assessments Technical Bulletin.

  • Stable, secure testing environment

    eMPower Assessments are delivered through TestConnect™, the Measured Progress assessment platform. With TestConnect, you can easily and securely:

    •  Upload student data
    •  Administer tests
    •  Retrieve score reports

    Strict privacy and data security safeguards protect personal information and prevent cheating.

    See the full technical specifications

  • Implementation support

    Based on your schedule, your account manager will guide you through the implementation process. Measured Progress staff members have worked successfully with districts of all sizes—including some of the largest in the country—and will support your district throughout your entire implementation. Documentation includes:

    •  Test administration manuals
    •  Accessibility and accommodations guidelines
    •  Report interpretation guides
    • Technology guides
    •  On-demand training videos

    Read the research

    Review the rationales and resources that influenced the design of eMPower Assessments.

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