Reading and Math Assessment Resources

Formative Content Bank

The Measured Progress Formative Content Bank is a set of premium formative assessment items and preconfigured quizzes designed to help teachers gather classroom evidence of student learning, differentiate instruction, and accelerate student achievement.

Newly built to support college and career readiness standards, the bank spans grades 1–12 in reading and math and helps districts build assessments that produce high-quality data about student performance and match the level of rigor and item types found on statewide assessments.

The Formative Content Bank helps you:

  • Create high-rigor, well-aligned assessments for district and classroom use
  • Focus on standards that pose challenges and diagnose gaps in understanding of new concepts
  • Integrate a variety of item types and reading passages to promote equity and address a range of learning styles
  • Uncover student misconceptions and score open-ended items consistently and quickly with distractor rationales, rubrics, and scoring notes included on every item
  • Get instant feedback on progress, promoting engagement in the formative assessment feedback loop
  • Gather evidence of student learning, to improve academic achievement

Our item development and review process includes a detailed protocol and several layers of reviews by content specialists and professional editors. This process results in item content of the highest quality, which sets our content bank apart from others. Because we’re a certified WebbAlign partner, you can be confident that our items are accurately aligned and meet the levels of rigor outlined in the learning expectations. Using the Formative Content Bank, teachers can confidently build quizzes and tests that provide meaningful evidence of student understanding and can make informed instructional decisions.

What does the Formative Content Bank provide?

  • Items

    Items may be chosen by content area, grade level, standard, DOK level, and/or item type.

    Measured Progress offers includes the following item interactions:

    • Choice (selected-response, evidence-based selected-response)
    • Extended Text (constructed-response, open-response, extended-response, prose-constructed-response, short-answer)
    • Draw (constructed-response, open-response, extended-response, prose-constructed-response, short-answer)
    • Text Entry (short-answer)
  • Technology-enhanced items
    • Give your students practice on engaging items that help uncover student thinking and elicit evidence of understanding with interactions similar to those they encounter on computer-based tests.
    • Save time. One efficient TEI can give you the same information as several selected-response items.
    common core standards, college and career readiness, college and career readiness standards

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  • Performance tasks
    • Assess multiple content standards at one time.
    • Elicit authentic demonstrations of higher-order thinking skills in real-word settings.
    • Provide opportunities for students to synthesize and apply their knowledge as an integral part of learning.
  • Testlets
    Measured Progress Testlets are preconfigured quizzes that support formative assessment practices by providing a snapshot of student progress on a particular set of reading or math standards. With Testlets, you can:
    • Administer Testlets frequently for quick results that help you direct both individual and small-group instruction.
    • Receive immediate feedback on a particular set of skills and standards without having to create an assessment from scratch.
    • Use class time efficiently; Each 20-minute Testlet addresses a range of cognitive complexity.
    • Gain insight into Testlet design with included Blueprints that show item types, DOK levels, and anchor and target standards.
    • Use the Formative Support Tools included with Testlets to engage students and teachers in the formative assessment process.

    Reading Testlets

    • Cover the 3 anchor standards:
      • Key ideas and details
      • Craft and structure
      • Integration of knowledge and ideas
    • Include 6 selected-response items and 1 constructed-response item

    Math Testlets

    • Cover 1 cluster of standards
    • Include
      • 3 selected-response items
      • 3 short-answer items
      • 1 constructed-response item
    common core standards, college and career readiness, college and career readiness standards

    Download an Annotated Guide to Measured Progress Testlets.

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  • Benchmarks

    Measured Progress Benchmarks help you monitor students’ progress and growth. The 60-minute tests, available for up to 4 administrations a year, provide a common measure for instructional feedback across grade levels, schools, and districts as part of a comprehensive standards-based assessment program.

    Custom or preconfigured

    Measured Progress can create custom benchmarks aligned to your specific scope and sequence through our Assessment Services team, or you can use preconfigured benchmarks from the Formative Content Bank.

    Math Benchmarks

    • Cover all domains in mathematics.
    • Focus on the major standards emphasized at each grade level for grades 3–8.

    Reading Benchmarks

    • Cover all 3 domains in reading:
      • Key ideas and details
      • Craft and structure
      • Integration of knowledge and ideas
    • Include passages that increase in text and task complexity throughout the year.

    Using Benchmarks, teachers can:

    • Assess students using constructed-response and evidence-based selected-response items, in addition to traditional selected-response items.
    • Schedule assessments to coincide with classroom learning progressions and standards.
    • Address a range of cognitive demand (DOK levels) and multiple sets of standards in each form.

    Measured Progress Standards Pacing Guide

    Benchmarks are built to the Measured Progress Standards Pacing Guide. The Standards Pacing Guide was informed by research conducted by the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas and outlines the standards included in each reading and math Benchmarks form. Standards are grouped to coordinate with intervals of instruction, ensuring that key standards and appropriate text complexity are addressed during the academic year. Benchmarks are paced to follow a logical sequence of instruction that coincides with the learning progressions outlined in college and career readiness standards.

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