Manage and Deliver your Assessment Content

We recommend the right tools and the right assessment platform for your district. We have several partner assessment platforms who ingest and render our content with fidelity:

partner-illuminateIlluminate Education

Illuminate Education is a leading provider of K–12 software and services to more than 16,000 schools across 45 states. The Illuminate Education Intelligence Platform features data, assessments, student information, special education, and reporting.

Illuminate Education has merged with IO EducationSchoolCity, and other organizations.

The Illuminate platform supports online delivery and real-time analysis and reporting for Measured Progress Assessment Services, and allows educators to create their own tests from the Formative Content Bank.



Learnosity is an award-winning educational technology company that provides the technology framework for many of the world’s best assessment solutions. With more than 30 million active users in the last 12 months, Learnosity offers powerful and engaging digital assessment support to help companies build better assessment products, faster.

Measured Progress uses Learnosity to make sure the Formative Content Bank and STEM Gauge® items are available to a wide array of technology platform providers, including MasteryConnect, Pearson, TE21, and others. This way, the high-quality content available from Measured Progress interoperates seamlessly through your preferred technology platform provider.


assessment platformPerformance Matters

Educators use the Performance Matters’ flagship product, Unify, to author and review instructional materials and administer authentic assessments that energize learning. It empowers users to analyze student and educator data from multiple sources and act on that information with resources that improve teaching and learning.

Using Unify, schools and districts deliver and report on Measured Progress Benchmarks and Testlets, as well as create their own tests from the Formative Content Bank.