Boston Public Schools Select Measured Progress to Provide Formative Assessment ResourcesBoston Public Schools recently announced the selection of Measured Progress to provide formative assessment resources for the city’s K-12 schools. Customized assessments, paced to their curriculum, will be constructed for grades 3–12 in English language arts and mathematics. District leaders and teachers plan to administer the tests in the beginning, middle, and end of the 2016–2017 school year, in order to support student instruction while learning is happening, and to evaluate student progress against expected curriculum outcomes.

“High-quality formative assessment resources comprise an absolutely critical and non-negotiable tool to inform educator practice and next steps with individual students. In order to ensure that educators in the Boston Public Schools have access to high-quality assessments, we selected Measured Progress,” explained Nicole Wagner Lam, Executive Director, Office of Data and Accountability, one of the district leaders on the RFP Review Panel for Boston Public Schools.

Measured Progress products and services to be provided to Boston Public Schools include:

  • Customized test-construction services for district-wide assessments
  • The Measured Progress Formative Content Bank
  • Optional STEM Gauge® formative assessment resources for science

“We’re pleased to partner with Boston Public Schools and help educators gather meaningful evidence of student learning. The assessment development process will be a collaborative effort between our organizations to ensure the assessments meet the unique formative needs of the district. The customized assessments will align with the district’s rigorous curriculum and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Data from the assessments will provide insights about student understanding, based on what was recently taught, and will be used to inform ongoing instruction,” said Deborah Farrington, Senior Product Manager for Assessment Services at Measured Progress.

Boston leaders have already started using Measured Progress content, as the initial test administrations commenced in late October. Future 2017 test dates are being determined now. Boston education officials will be able to use the insights gained from these assessments to inform curriculum decisions and support continued formative assessment feedback for teachers and students.

Measured Progress will deliver the assessments through Illuminate EducationTM, Boston Public Schools’ selected platform provider.