Assessment Services Expands to Help School Districts Grow Local Capabilities

Measured Progress Assessment Services is now expanding its support for districts through two new services: Assessment Review and Professional Development for Scoring.

The Measured Progress Assessment Services team works with K–12 school districts of all sizes to provide high-quality, rigorous customized assessments. For districts that seek benchmark assessments to support formative assessment practices, Measured Progress will customize assessments to match each school system’s unique curriculum pacing, scope, and sequence using the Custom Test Construction service. From these assessments, teachers gain a better sense of what students know about what was recently taught, to inform ongoing instruction.

Districts can use the Assessment Review service to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of local assessments. Districts that undertake the review receive a summary of findings based on quality indicators, giving district administrators confidence that assessments will yield informative results.

District-level staff can also participate in Professional Development for Scoring. The service is a train-the-trainer model to help districts:

  • Maintain consistency when scoring local assessments
  • Improve scoring accuracy
  • Ensure teachers know how to interpret and use rubrics in a similar, consistent manner for all students, classrooms, and grade levels.

“With these additional support services, districts can benefit from our expertise —getting high-quality assessments, scored accurately and consistently. These new services, together with the Custom Test Construction service, give district assessment leaders assurance that their tests are well designed to make a real difference for student learning,” says Deborah Farrington, Measured Progress product manager for Assessment Services. Because Assessment Services operates as a service model, districts can engage with Measured Progress experts to accomplish projects both large and small, in a timeframe that meets their needs.

Using Assessment Services, districts can implement customized assessments without incurring the expense of custom item development. Measured Progress builds each district’s tests using the rigorous items in the Formative Content Bank. High-quality content, in combination with Custom Test Construction services, mean districts receive effective customized assessments—and save time and money previously spent in training staff to create tests. The unique collaborative model of Assessment Services and Professional Development for Scoring also give district staff a chance to work together with assessment experts to deliver more meaningful assessments overall.

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