Chief Solutions Officer

Martin Borg joined Measured Progress as president in November of 2008 and was appointed chief executive officer in 2011. Under his leadership, the organization broadened its strategic outlook to bring innovative and responsive assessment solutions to districts and schools, while continuing to work with state clients on large-scale programs.

Mr. Borg is an experienced and dedicated educator who is committed to helping students and teachers in the classroom. Prior to joining Measured Progress, he taught social studies, served as a school district technology officer, developed an online test delivery system, and founded Achievement Data Inc., which he ultimately sold to a testing company.

With the merger of Measured Progress with AdvancED in July 2018, Mr. Borg initiated the role of chief solutions officer. This role brings together Mr. Borg’s primary interests and experience with technology, assessment, and education. His teams will focus on developing holistic solutions that support schools, districts and states in their continuous improvement initiatives.