Want skiing? We’ve got skiing.

More of a water person? We’re close to lakes and ocean.

Need art and theatre? We’ve got those, too.

Urban adventures? Head to nearby Boston.

We’ve Got It All. See For Yourself!

The seacoast area of New Hampshire is rich in history, culture, and outdoor options. (Seacoast, you ask? Yes, New Hampshire has 13 miles of Atlantic shoreline.) The area offers the best of New England: historic sites, cultural centers, colleges and universities, and loads of outdoor attractions. Many people move here to take advantage of the range of those activities. Ski areas, lakes, hiking and biking trails, and ocean beaches are all nearby.

The first settlement in New Hampshire, Dover is a thriving small city with extensive services and amenities. Dover—along with Rochester, Portsmouth, and nearby Kittery, Maine—has a thriving arts and theater scene. You can gallery-hop or go to a show at one of the professional theater companies. Portsmouth hosts several film festivals every year.

Did someone mention food? It’s been said that Portsmouth has more restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city. Actually, about 20 cities claim that status. But there are still a lot of restaurants. In fact, local chefs are making news all over the area.

New England is one of those places that inspires longing and loyalty. Why do people love it? A recent article in Yankee Magazine captures the feelings: “. . . they dream of small towns, stone walls, beacons of light, seas pounding on rocks, pine trees and maples, sugar shacks, town meetings, country stores, rolling hills, and town greens.” These experiences are all within a few hours’ drive.

And while you might hear “New Hampshire” and think “remote,” consider this if you must tear yourself away from New England. Boston and Logan airport are easy to get to by car, train, or bus. The smaller Manchester, NH airport is even closer. You can easily be on your way—wherever you need to go.

See our map for selected areas of interest, with approximate mileage from Dover.