Visiting  Scholars Program

Our Visiting Scholars Program invites researchers from around the world to share research ideas with Measured Progress psychometricians and participate in Measured Progress research initiatives. 

Currently our program accommodates short-term visits, typically lasting one or two days. Scholars are asked to present their research and meet with staff members to discuss their research interests in more detail. Scholars taking part in the Visiting Scholars Program receive a modest stipend. In addition, Measured Progress covers all travel-related expenses.

Goals of Program

Our Visiting Scholars Program enables scholars to:

  • learn about Measured Progress and our Psychometrics team
  • present their research to our psychometric staff
  • establish collaborative relationships with Measured Progress psychometricians

Benefits to Participants 

Participation in this program can be a new avenue for scholars to present research. We encourage collaboration with our staff members on future research projects. Scholars will also be given a chance to learn about the Measured Progress Research Framework and Learning Tools, and other research initiatives. Visiting scholars can incorporate their research into our Research Framework, so that other psychometricians can understand how a visiting scholar's research relates to other projects conducted at Measured Progress.

Previous Visiting Scholars 

Remo Ostini (January 2009): Things I've Tried to Measure

Mark Reckase (September 2008): The Design of Statistical Specifications for a Test

Seonghoon Kim (July 2008): IRT Fixed Parameter Calibration and Other Approaches to Maintaining Item Parameters on a Common Ability Scale

Bill Stout and Louis DiBello (February 2008): Exploring Skills Diagnostic Opportunities at Measured Progress

Joanna Gorin (June 2007): The Role of Cognition in Educational Assessment Design

Rebecca Zwick (August 2007): Instructional Tools in Educational Measurement and Statistics (ITEMS) for School Personnel | Empirical Bayes DIF Assessment

Wim van der Linden (March 2006): Principles and Applications of Automated Test Assembly