Test Administration and Logistics

Every student's test counts. From gathering enrollment data, to accounting for 100 percent of secure returned test materials, Measured Progress understands that test administration—from the time that tests arrive at a school through when results are reported—is one of the most complex and critical components of large-scale assessment.

Through our systems and technology and understanding of the assessment industry, the company continues to show significant gains in quality, efficiency, security, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, turnaround time, and scalability.

Measured Progress's logistical operations run out of a combined 77,000 square feet of warehouses in Dover and Lee, New Hampshire, where more than 6 million documents were handled last year and more than 54 million pages scanned.

Clients are able to do everything from ordering and tracking materials to registering for meetings using our web-based logistical programs. These integrated systems ensure that clients have access to accurate, up-to-date, secure, and detailed student, school, and district information at all times.

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