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Accessible Portable Item Profile (APIP) Standards

Mike Russell, Measured Progress's vice president of innovation, is one of a select group of assessment experts to publish a white paper as part of the Advancing Consortium Assessment Reform (ACAR) project. His paper is entitled, "Digital Test Delivery: Empowering Accessible Test Design to Increase Test Validity for All Students." The paper is one of three from the project that touch on Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) standards. Rob Abel and Martha Thurlow are the authors of the other two.

ACAR is funded, in part, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The project's charge is to create a forum for sharing research, ideas, and opinions regarding issues related to college readiness and college completion.

According to Russell, rather than developing tests for the general population and then retrofitting them to meet the needs of subgroups, accessible test design using APIP standards would maximize the measurement of targeted constructs for all students.

Read Mike Russell's white paper.

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The Measured Progress U.S. patent 8,303,309 includes claims that would be Necessarily Infringed by the implementation of the Required Elements of the IMS APIP Specification version 1.0.

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