Measured Progress engages in research to find new connections between student learning and assessment. The company publishes papers, studies, and commentaries on its research activities in journals and publications; its leadership also presents frequently at conferences throughout the country.  

Innovation and research primarily originates from two departments:

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab, a non-profit research, development, and policy division of Measured Progress, is dedicated to improving education by developing innovative, evidence-based solutions that challenge conventional thinking about measuring student learning and empower all students to more effectively demonstrate their knowledge.


The Psychometrics department at Measured Progress is dedicated both to theoretical and applied psychometric research. All initiatives are guided by the department's Research Framework, which explains how various psychometric concepts relate to one another from a research perspective. Through this framework, you can learn about a variety of psychometric topics and research projects conducted at Measured Progress.

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If you are conducting research on an education or assessment-related topic, or would like to speak with a member of the Measured Progress research team, please contact Mike Nering (Psychometrics) or Lisa Famularo (Innovation Lab).