Commentary on Assessment and Student Learning

From the Desk of Dr. Stuart Kahl

Stuart KahlAs founder of Measured Progress, Dr. Stuart Kahl contributes regularly to the thought leadership of the assessment community. In recent years, his particular interests have included formative assessment, curriculum-embedded performance assessment, and new models for accountability assessment programs.

The Association of Test Publishers (ATP) awarded Dr.Kahl the 2010 ATP Award for Professional Contributions and Service to Testing. He regularly publishes research papers and commentaries introducing and analyzing current issues and trends in education, and as a frequent speaker at industry conferences, Dr. Kahl also serves as a technical consultant to various education agencies.

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Comments on Selected Provisions in Bills to Reauthorize the ESEA

by Stuart R. Kahl, Ph.D.


The current Senate and House bills retain many of the provisions of NCLB, while including some significant changes. Dr. Kahl looks at four key assessment-related provisions of the two bills:

  • Annual testing—Three good reasons to continue testing in grades 3–8 and high school
  • Multiple measures—How this provision provides flexibility to better measure higher-order thinking and produce better information on individual student performance
  • Reporting—How reporting requirements drive program design, and how states can use some creativity to meet these requirements
  • Accountability requirements—How both bills limit federal intrusion in education

It remains to be seen which elements will survive through the conference committee process. Watch for updates here.