At Measured Progress we form partnerships with organizations that share our dedication to teaching and learning. Our partners include public policy leaders, educational associations, research bodies, and others—all committed to craft high-quality products and services to improve student achievement and support teachers.


Interactive Achievement (IA) creates award-winning standards-based instructional improvement programs for school districts in the U.S. IA was founded in 2006 by educators in response to the need for better assessment and reporting tools that enable both students and teachers to achieve success. As a result, IA’s team is comprised of educators who create products that assist their peers in education in making data-driven decisions in the effort to raise student achievement in all academic areas.  

IA's onTRAC™ (online Teacher Resource and Assessment Community) supports the delivery and reporting of Measured Progress COMMON CORE™ Benchmarks and Testlets, and also allows educators to create their own Common Core tests from the Measured Progress Formative Item Bank.


Based in the Murrieta-Temecula Valley of Southern California and founded in 1996, Adrylan Communications, Inc. provides K-12 assessment and reporting solutions that fully support California’s transition to the Common Core State Standards. Adrylan is the designer of the Educator’s Assessment Data Management System (EADMS). A web-based application, EADMS is designed to work with any type of student enrollment, demographic, and testing data and is a support lifeline for districts, schools, and classrooms, providing the data insight necessary to help break out of instructional deadlock.  

Adrylan supports the delivery and reporting of Measured Progress Benchmarks and Testlets, and also allows educators to create their own Common Core tests from the Measured Progress Formative Item Bank.


School districts across the country administer the Performance Matters UNIFY to continuously monitor and improve student learning. UNIFY delivers the Measured Progress COMMON CORE Formative Item Bank, Testlets, and Benchmarks.  Performance Matters helps K-12 school systems improve student learning and instruction by providing integrated software solutions for assessment, data management and reporting, and teacher effectiveness. Based in Winter Park, Fla., Performance Matters’ serves school districts across the country.


McREL International supports educators worldwide by delivering innovative, research-based professional development solutions tailored to meet the needs of classrooms, districts, and states. Like Measured Progress, McREL is a non-profit organization dedicated to instructional improvement and student success. Measured Progress’s partnership with McREL broadens the scope of educational services that both organizations can provide to educators at the district, state, and consortia levels.

Through this new collaboration, educators can turn to McREL and Measured Progress for tools that guide their transition to the Common Core State Standards. McREL provides guidance and professional development on high-quality curricula and instructional practices that align to the Common Core State Standards. At the same time, Measured Progress's COMMON CORE Assessments can be used to help educators collect data and assess student mastery of the new standards.


IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) is the world’s leading educational technology standards-setting collaborative. This non-profit member organization strives to enable the growth and impact of learning technology for K-12, corporate, and higher education worldwide. IMS GLC members collaborate on interoperability standards and major adoption projects for the digital support of education and learning.

Measured Progress is a contributing member of IMS GLC and a supporter of open learning standards. The organizations are collaborating in support of the Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) standard. IMS GLC also participated in Measured Progress’s technical architecture development work for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

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