NCLB and Education Reform

Minimizing Testing Irregularities in Large Scale Assessment Programs, by Pasquale J. DeVito, Ph.D. and Michael Nering, Ph.D. (February 2012)

Evolving Assessments, by Naomi Dillon (March 2011), from  American School Board Journal, National School Boards Association

State Assessment Collaboratives: Lessons from the New England Common Assessment Program, by Jessie Levin (April 2009), from State Innovations, National Association of State Board of Education

President Obama Praises Measured Progress Contract States During Remarks to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (March 2009)

Three Major Education Organizations Issue Joint NCLB Reauthorization Recommendations (April 2007)

NCLB Needs Quality Time, by Stuart Kahl, (2007), from Education Week

Governors Discuss "Inconvenient Truth #2" at Legislative Meeting (March 2007)

Politicians, Stakeholders Focus on NCLB, National Standards (March 2007)

Measured Progress CEO Testifies before NCLB Commission (July 2006)

Letter to the Editor of Education Week, by Stuart Kahl (2005)

Large-Scale Assessment: Choices and Challenges, by Stuart Kahl and Kevin Sweeney (2004)

NCLB Testing: Is the Assessment Industry up to the Challenge, by Stuart Kahl (2003)

Implementing NCLB Assessment and Accountability Requirements in an Imperfect World, by Stuart Kahl (2003)

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