Measured Progress Partners with ItemLogic

DOVER, N.H.—October 21, 2015—Measured Progress, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with ItemLogic to develop and deliver technology-enhanced items (TEIs) in its COMMON CORE™ Assessments product suite. ItemLogic is the assessment industry’s leading solution for authoring, producing, distributing, and rendering technology-enhanced interactions for today’s assessment platforms used in districts and classrooms. TEIs are test questions that take advantage of computer technology to provide deeper insights into students’ abilities than conventional multiple-choice questions or written responses. Using technology—called response interaction types—such as drag-and-drop, highlighting, and sequencing, students can demonstrate their understanding in new ways. TEIs also offer the advantage of being automatically scored in real time. With ItemLogic’s web-based request-response Application Programming Interface (API) solution, Measured Progress can provide this innovative content without platform restrictions.

ItemLogic’s API delivers Measured Progress’s COMMON CORE™ Assessments product suite accurately and efficiently to school districts. Platform providers that implement the API can access and deliver the Measured Progress high-quality assessment content through a seamless transition to the ItemLogic test administration interface—without ever leaving the host platform. The process provides:

  • more engaging items that use a wide variety of interaction types
  • faithful and consistent rendering of TEIs directly to students
  • faster delivery of content to customers, with real-time updates
  • expanded interoperability

“Our partnership with ItemLogic over the past couple of years has greatly benefited our ability to continue developing and delivering high quality assessment content in a variety of task types,” stated Measured Progress CEO Martin Borg. “The ItemLogic API is a logical next step in our joint efforts to expand the availability of our online assessment content.”

“Reliable and consistent content rendering sits at the foundation of our mission: to improve the lives of students through technology-enhanced test administration,” says ItemLogic Founder, Kevin Campbell. “Current industry-standard packaging formats like QTI and APIP, by themselves, do not go far enough to deliver on the promise of rich content delivery in a manner that satisfies our expectations or those of the end user. Our revolutionary, full-service API offers premiere content providers like Measured Progress the ability to author the most dynamic content in the industry, publish it instantly to a number of assessment platforms, and be it renders faithfully to the end user across those platforms, pixel for pixel.”

About Measured Progress

Measured Progress, a not-for-profit organization, is a pioneer in authentic, standards-based assessments. Since 1983, we have successfully partnered with more than 30 states and hundreds of districts across the nation to support their assessment programs. Today, we develop 21st century assessments for classrooms, districts, states, and consortia. We are proud to be the nation’s leading provider of alternate assessments for students with cognitive disabilities.

Measured Progress connects the K–12 educational community with innovative and flexible assessment solutions. Our goal is to provide meaningful information about student progress to improve teaching and learning. It’s all about student learning. Period.

About ItemLogic

Used by some of the largest and most successful content providers in the industry, ItemLogic provides a comprehensive authoring and publishing tool for enterprise-level content providers, and renders and scores millions of student test responses every month for assessment platforms across the nation. For more information about ItemLogic, please send an inquiry to