Professional Hand-Scoring Services

Measured Progress has hand-scored up to 35 million student responses annually, including constructed- and extended-response questions, portfolios, performance tasks, and other items included in both general and alternate assessments.
Scoring Services

Training and Accuracy

  • All onsite and remote scorers must meet stringent educational requirements.
  • We thoroughly train and qualify scorers before they may score any particular item.
  • We closely monitor scorer accuracy and consistency, using proven methods such as read-behinds (back-reading), double-blind scoring, and embedded check-sets.

Distributed Scoring

  • When needed, we use a distributed scoring model (offsite scorers in multiple locations) to provide additional scoring capacity, as well as access to a more diverse pool of scorers.
  • Using our proprietary iScore image-based scoring system, we deliver the same quality and consistency whether scoring is conducted via the distributed scoring model or at one of our 3 scoring centers.


  • We regularly invite educators to visit our scoring facilities and view our “live” process.
  • Clients see actual scoring being performed for their testing programs, and are welcome to discuss what they see with our management team.

Related Services

  • We work closely with educators in each of our client states, on reviews of benchmarking materials and associated scoring rubrics.
  • Our Scoring Institutes have helped thousands of teachers affect meaningful improvements in classroom instruction and student performance.