Guiding States in an Era of Reform

As states and the assessment consortia prepare for the transition to the Common Core State Standards and next-generation assessments, Measured Progress stands ready to help.

Assisting states with their evolving programs is nothing new to Measured Progress. We've been there as partners and guides through many landmark shifts in testing—the authentic assessment movement, No Child Left Behind, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the increasing  role of technology in testing, the call for more accessible assessments, and renewed attention to the value of innovative item types.

We've worked with 30 states over the last 30 years on a broad range of assessment initiatives, from the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), a program widely compared in rigor to the international benchmark exams, to the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP), which brings together four states around common standards and assessments.

Our work is not limited to high-stakes, large-scale state assessments. We assist both the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and the Partnership to Assess Readiness for College and Career—the multi-state consortia formed through the Race to the Top initiative and charged with developing Common Core assessments. We are also helping two states fulfill the goals they established through their successful RttT proposals: the Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Program, and the Transitioning Education in Rhode Island interim assessment initiative.

Though the programs and clients we serve may vary, the tie that binds is our mutual commitment to develop assessments that shed a clear light on student learning. We believe our greatest accountability must be to students and educators, that assessment's true mission is to guide instruction and improve student achievement. In short, it's all about student learning. Period.

We're ready to help you with your current programs, as well as the transition to the Common Core.

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