Computer-Based Testing

States realize the benefits of moving their accountability assessments from paper to computer. Computer-based testing allows for added security, innovative item types, and greater efficiency. Moving testing to an online platform also cuts many shipping, receiving, and scanning costs.

Measured Progress works hand-in-hand with its clients, before, during, and after testing to ensure that administrators, educators, and students are well-prepared for an online testing experience.

We work with states to inventory infrastructure, evaluate technology, and train both technical staff and teachers. Ultimately, our goal is to provide value, service, and support to clients and their learning communities each step of the way.

Measured Progress has made significant investments in its computer-based testing platform, iTest, to provide secure, student-friendly, customized testing programs for states.

An Overview of the iTest System



Program Design 

Configurable to any client's assessment system 

Test Design 

Supports multiple item types 

Can spiral multiple forms to allow for customized field test item sampling 

Proctors may control test sessions 

Stimulus material may be presented alongside items 

Online tools, such as a ruler or calculator, are available by item or by test 

Item development 

Measured Progress's Item Assessment Banking System is fully integrated into online platform 

Items can be easily imported from other databases 


Test forms are created within the iTest system. 

Clients may review test items and forms as they appear to students 

Student Data Management 

Data may be pre-loaded, making administration faster and easier  

Staff may monitor and view test results in real-time 


Easily monitored  

May be managed in real-time 


Raw score results available the day after the test 


Multiple levels of reporting, protected by permissions 

Reports may be configured as specified by client  


Section 508 compliant 

Integrates with assistive technology tools for hearing and vision impaired students. 

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- Matt Blunt