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Formative assessment is the cornerstone of differentiated instruction, helping teachers meet students where they are for effective teaching and learning. Measured Progress COMMON CORE™  Assessments offer a comprehensive set of formative tools to support educators in uncovering student thinking. Using the data from our assessments, teachers can successfully plan individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction.

Each of these three components supports college- and career-ready standards and next-generation assessments. All of the items and tasks are built to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and are based on the item guidelines and specifications outlined by the PARCC and Smarter Balanced consortia.

Our Content

How is our content diferent?

  • All of our items are developed based on the Common Core standards and offer the deep level of rigor and cognitive complexity required.
  • All reading passages are authentic and have been permissioned.
  • None of our items are clone items.
  • Items are developed following the principles of Universal and evidence-centered design.
  • Items undergo reviews by content specialists and professional editors.

Our expert reviews result in items that:

  • Contain precisely defined constructs and are accessible, non-biased, and amenable to accommodations.
  • Provide maximum readability and comprehensibility, and display maximum legibility.
  • Are unambiguous, and free of grammatical errors and potentially insensitive content or language.
  • Have accurate answer keys.
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Getting our Items and Assessments

Measured Progress has several partner platform providers that support the delivery of COMMON CORE Assessments components. We follow IMS Global Learning Consortium specifications and offer Question and Test Interoperability™ v.2.1 (QTI) packages for deployment on your existing assessment platform. Please contact our sales department to get QTI packages or pencil-and-paper PDF versions of our COMMON CORE Assessments.