Professional Development
Putting the Common Core into Practice

Good instruction combined with the right assessments will effectively transition students to the Common Core State Standards. To guide teachers in their practice, the Measured Progress COMMON CORE™ Assessments include professional development videos that help teachers successfully incorporate the Item Bank and Testlet components of the program into instruction.

Our multi-tiered approach to professional learning takes into consideration time and individual needs. We offer on-demand videos, regularly scheduled live webinars, and on-site services to take concepts to deeper application levels. 

Online Professional Development

On-demand videos introduce educators to the COMMON CORE Assessments and show them what constitutes a high-quality item. The videos are accessible 24/7 to accommodate educators' hectic schedules and to allow viewers to revisit them as needed. The videos may be used during team time or at meetings to encourage conversation about the program components and encourage the effective use of COMMON CORE items.

Live Webinars

Regularly scheduled live webinars provide another level of professional learning and support for putting the Common Core standards into practice. The webinars are a great resource for individual educators, teams, schools, or districts. Participants will explore relevant topics that inform their use of the COMMON CORE Assessments, from initial implementation to utilizing the results to move students forward in their learning. Topics will be periodically refreshed to ensure that they explore new and emerging concepts.

On-site Professional Development

Districts may also tap into on-site professional development to guide teachers as they use the COMMON CORE Assessments to inform classroom instruction. On-site professional development takes educators deeper into their practices and supports district-wide professional learning initiatives through all phases of transition to the Common Core State Standards. Measured Progress on-site programs cover a wide range of topics, from data use to inform instructional next steps and lesson planning to investigating curricular implications and alignment. Experts will work with your team to determine next steps you need to take to maximize your own program.

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