Build Your Own Assessments

The Measured Progress COMMON CORE Formative Item Bank includes reading and math items that fully address Common Core standards for grades 1-12. All items are built to the Common Core State Standards and support students in reaching the higher levels of rigor expected by consortia summative tests. We do not clone any items, so each item in our bank is authentic.

Our questions require students to understand new content and focus on standards that pose challenges. Students and teachers get instant feedback on individual progress, allowing for deep engagement in the formative assessment feedback loop.

New items are regularly added to the Formative Item Bank to expand standards coverage and provide more innovative item types. Our item development and review process includes several steps of protocol and layers of reviews by content specialists and professional editors. This process sets the quality of our item bank apart from other item banks.

What does the Formative Item Bank provide?

  • Items may be chosen by content area, grade level, standard, DOK level, and/or item type, giving you the flexibility to gather evidence of student understanding using different item types of varying levels of complexity.
  • Item types include:
    • Selected-response
    • Evidence-based selected-response
    • Short-answer
    • Constructed-response
    • Extended-response
    • Prose-constructed-response
    • Technology-enhanced items
    • Performance tasks
  • Selected-response items include distractor rationales that allows you to gauge students’ misconceptions.
  • Constructed- and extended-response items and performance tasks include rubrics and scoring notes that offer opportunities to ensure consistent scoring.

With the Formative Item Bank you can:

  • Create reading and math assessments to assess a broad range of skills or a particular cluster or standard.
  • Integrate individual items into instruction, or use them as exemplars for teaching the genre of assessment.
  • Collect information to plan instruction for tomorrow, next week, or next term.