Assessment That Impacts Learning

Formative assessment uncovers what students know and can do, setting the stage for individualized learning. Measured Progress classroom assessments support formative assessment practices, allowing teachers to successfully plan individual, small-group, and whole class instruction.

Classroom Assessment


Delivery Options

Measured Progress has several partner platform providers that support the delivery of our content. We follow IMS Global Learning Consortium specifications and offer Question and Test Interoperability™ v.2.1 (QTI) packages for deployment on your existing assessment platform.

I Have a Platform

We offer QTI packages for deployment of our content on your existing assessment platform.

I Need a Platform

We can offer you a solution that includes an assessment platform to deliver, score, and report our content.

I Want Paper Tests

We can deliver PDF files to your district or school for you to distribute and score.

Dan Jennings

“I just had to say we had the smoothest administration of an online test with this SBA science. The teachers told me how easy it was to administer and they liked it so much.”

Dan Jennings | Testing/STARS Coordinator | Hagerman Municipal Schools, NM

Audra Ahumada

“It’s hard to move a large group quickly to make far-reaching decisions. The program manager was able to listen to all points of view and still keep us moving forward.”

Audra Ahumada | Director of Alternate Assessment | Arizona Department of Education

Robert Bedford

“I have only praise for Measured Progress. They have been the easiest vendor to communicate with. They give help in a timely fashion and keep information flowing to the districts.”

Robert Bedford | former BOCES Administrator | NYSAA Regional Lead Trainer | New York State

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