Statewide Alternate Assessment

Every student can learn and deserves to be counted.

Making sure all students have access to the general curriculum has opened a new world to a population of students whose academic achievement, in large part, had been ignored.

Measured Progress understands that assessing all students means that no one is exempt from a high quality education. Our commitment to students and educators doesn't end with assessment. We forge ongoing relationships with our clients and support them in the development of assessment programs that demonstrate learning success for students of all cognitive levels. Furthermore, we've conducted groundbreaking research, making standards and items accessible for students with disabilities.

We take pride in our leading role in alternate assessment. Our special education professionals have extensive experience in:

  • identifying strategies, through research and classroom experience, that most appropriately evaluate students with the most significant disabilities
  • developing test items and designs, scoring, and interpreting data
  • using a variety of alternate assessment options—portfolios, datafolios, electronic portfolios, and performance-based assessments
  • providing professional development to special education teachers and administrators
  • harnessing technology, such as ProFile, to help teachers collect and record student achievement
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